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JK - Grade 8


Modern Learning in a Changing World

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 Project Based Learning

We are proud to offer Project Based Learning (PBL) annually across all grades.  These learning opportunities focus on teaching our students the importance of knowledge and skills derived from standards and key concepts at the heart of academic subjects.  Skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication are necessary in our modern world.  Students are engaged in an extended process of asking questions from their hands-on project work.  Questions include opportunities for revision and reflection.  At the end of every PBL, students present their work to an audience beyond their classmates and teacher.


We offer a challenging, fun, innovative and distinctively Christian curriculum.  We offer an academic curriculum that focuses and encourages students to commit their minds, heart and hands to Christ so that they may attain not only knowledge, but wisdom, discernment, love and understanding in order to be competent and responsible servants. Our class sizes are consistent with other private Christian Schools in the Greater Toronto Area.

Developing Language Skills


Our French language program begins in Grade One through Grade Eight.  Students are given opportunity to learn, to speak, write and read.

Accelerated Reader (AR)

HHCS places much value and emphasis on developing reading skills.  Every student creates a reading goal each term based on individual needs in collaboration with the teacher.  The Accelerated Reader Program tracks reading comprehension through online quizzes for a multitude of literature both fiction and non-fiction.

Electrican's Tools


Much authentic and relevant learning takes place outside of a school building.  Our Exploratory program for our grades 7 and 8 students is one way that Halton Hills Christian School is pushing out the boundaries of our school and connecting our students to the community.   

Lego Serious Play

HHCS is thrilled to offer Lego Serious Play as part of the classroom learning environment.  We use this amazing tool as it focuses on the development of oral language skills and used as a tool to develop creative problem solving, multi-faceted and fun learning.

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