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Music & Art


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Visual Arts

Music is an integral part of Halton Hills Christian School! We make music fun and exhilarating, while still providing a structured approach in helping students appreciate and expand their musical talent!

Students have an opportunity to participate in choir, tone chimes, boomwhackers, recorder and ukulele. Our senior students participate in concert band and take instrumental music.  

Each year, the students and staff host a musical production to celebrate Christmas as well as other school celebrations throughout the year.

Our students are given the opportunity to perform, create sets, manage audio visual, design costumes and compose music.  HHCS celebrates all the talents and skills our students have!

Just walk the hallways and you will see we are a school of artists!  Painting, photography, sculpting...just to name a few!


Students from all grades participate in our creative and dedicated art program which is part of our core curriculum.  We incorporate different drawing techniques and themes within our art program.

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